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We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions about Consolidated Medical Travel, Travel Nursing, and our Referral program.  Still have questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Travel nursing evolved from the hospital nursing shortage and today travel nurses are employed across every healthcare setting.  While assignments are typically short-term, they can last up to one year.  In addition to bolstering skills and experience in various settings, Travel nurses enjoy the benefit of increased pay when compared to a staff nurse.  Click here to see our open jobs.

Travel nurse qualifications are like those of a traditional staff nurse. You must have an active nursing license, CPR/BLS certification and associated vaccination records. One year of experience in an associated specialty is typically required but there are circumstances where experience may be transferable. Contact your recruiter today to find out what specialty fits your experience.

Licensure requirements are met in one of two ways. If you have an active, uninhibited license in the state in which you intend to travel or if you have an active, uninhibited compact nurse license. Please contact your recruiters today to learn more about the Compact Nurse License.

The annual income of a Travel nurse varies considerably. Indeed has estimated that Travel nurses average $75,000 in annual income. However, there are many factors that contribute to this figure including location, season, situation – crisis, leave of absence, etc… Please contact your recruiter today to get additional details on compensation.

There are several options to consider when accepting an assignment. Many new Travel nurses rely upon the support of their agency to assist in coordinating living accommodations for their assignment. For seasoned travelers they may use online resources such as Airbnb, FurnishedFinder.com, VRBO and Apartments.com as suitable options. Housing stipends will also be provided to those planning to live with a friend or family member.

Stipends are paid to employee’s to supplement income based on expenses incurred while on assignment. Stipends are determined by the cost of living in the county and city where you accept an assignment. For more information on stipends, contact your recruiter today.

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